The Pulperie de Chicoutimi offers a new interactive exhibition

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Enhancing the visitor experience

The Pulperie de Chicoutimi offers both permanent and temporary exhibitions to their visitors. At the end of April 2022, the museum presented its audience with a new temporary exhibition: "The Saguenay River - Eternal Heart of Maritime Commerce." Presenting the history of the river and its importance to the surrounding populations, the museum came up with the idea of making the exhibition interactive and appealing to children by enhancing it with a digital journey.

Enriched museum mediation

A panel enhanced with a QR code and an NFC chip is deployed at the beginning of the exhibition. It allows visitors to start the journey: Captain or deckhand?, which highlights the river's commercial past.

From the homepage, it offers visitors the freedom to choose the activity that interests them through action buttons with images. There are seven small activities that allow visitors to explore the exhibition and discover its details. Memory games, combinations, and quizzes enhance the content. They provide more information about nautical expressions, allow listening to navigation stories, or even hearing, via audio, the charming Marguerite inviting you to put down your phone and look at the exhibits.


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Recherche d'indices en famille à la Pulperie de Chicoutimi

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