A solution for creating digital routes for tourist and cultural sites

MySmartJourney is a platform used for the creation and design of contactless scenarios of cultural or tourist mediation. Use our tool to build informative, useful and entertaining multimedia digital journeys to impress your customers, visitors and users.

The visitor scans the code with his cell
He then discovers a playful self-guided tour


No application to install, it works on all devices, 100% web! No friction points.


Our contactless technology can be installed in minutes, wherever you want it. Ready-to-deploy.


Play, experiment and invent infinitely renewable experiences. No programming required.

Powered by the MT Lab since 2018

The first incubator dedicated to tourism, culture and entertainment in North America, the MT Lab is a hub of innovative solutions created jointly by small and large industry players and emerging companies. As part of their first cohort, we are proudly recognized as one of the best technological solutions for the relaunch of the tourism industry.

No development!

Be empowered to create unique and fun experiences!

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Museums, art galleries and historical sites

Broadcast text, visual, video and 3D content using our platform. Replace your audio guides! No more need for paper programs. Highlight your content that is waiting to be presented to the public. Take advantage of the variety of your content to amaze your visitors. Enrich their visits and give them an incomparable experience thanks to engaging content, highlighting the works presented.

Associations, circuits and tourist routes

Flexible and adaptable, our contactless broadcasting tool serves as a 24/7 signage system to provide tourists with take-home information. A digital alternative to the front desk, MySmartJourney can be implemented in remote locations or rest stops traditionally without an on-site agent to tell the story of the area and showcase local attractions. In addition to regional tourism associations (RTAs), it is also useful for sectoral tourism associations (STAs), regional county municipalities (RCMs) and business development corporations (BDCs).

Municipal parks, walking trails and resorts

Whether it's a treasure hunt or an escape game, MySmartJourney allows you to provide your members and citizens with rich and fun experiences. Create self-guided outdoor play routes over short or long distances and revitalize your public spaces.

Hotel establishments and traveller services

Provide your customers with informative content about your establishment's services and nearby tourist attractions. Keep your customers on your platform and give them the opportunity to consume the products and services you have to offer, delivered directly to their room during their stay.

Artisanal producers and agri-food products

With its ease of use outdoors and at markets, MySmartJourney is used to create interpretive activities and automate the reception of visitors to family attractions. Tell the story of the family behind the business. Create direct communication with the buyer by deploying it at a market checkout. On products at the market, scan or tap to explain the manufacturing process and give recipe ideas.

Rapid deployment in all your public spaces

Our digital tool is quickly deployed in your public spaces. It serves as interactive signage, a docking station, a guided tour, a table order, or a relay to reservation systems. With their cell phone, visitors can instantly access your multimedia content without an application, without logging in, and above all, without physical contact.

Simple and intuitive

A variety of features on a scalable platform.

Text, images, videos and audios

  • Integrations with YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud
  • mp3 playback
  • Optimization and automatic media adaptation

Action buttons and redirections

  • Quiz and "fortune cookie" games
  • Modular and playful appearance
  • Links to other websites

3D and 360° content

  • Integrations with Sketchfab and YouTube 360
  • Observation of an object in detail
  • Immersive value

Key Code

  • Complex scenarios and puzzles
  • Content behind passwords
  • Gamification of locations

Google Forms

  • Elegant Google form integration
  • Visitor satisfaction survey
  • Easy collection of field data


  • Personalized souvenir photo
  • Integrated stickers and branding
  • Social sharing with landing page

Orders from a distance

  • Quick management of menus and product lists
  • Sending order emails to the kitchen, a guide or a supervisor
  • Respect of sanitary measures


  • Specific content according to weekly schedules
  • Independence of alternate sections in the same page
  • Real time information for the visitor


  • Integration with anonymized Google Analytics
  • Automated reporting
  • Visitor behavior data

We are at your service

MySmartJourney is a platform created in partnership with the industry. It is updated and enhanced with your feedback and input. We create new features that make the digital experience more intuitive and fun. Do you have a specific need? Talk to us! We are always listening to improve our technology.

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80+ projects in a variety of industries

Our clients are heroes! 

We pride ourselves on being present in many industries and supporting a wide range of organizations in their multimedia projects. Our clients choose us because our solution drives visitor engagement at an affordable cost. Deployment is done in record time, and moreover, you collect valuable data on visitor behaviour in real time!

  • Autonomy for your teams
  • No code, delay or IT requirements
  • Quick to deploy or prototype
  • No more projects that drag on and on
  • Access to usage data
  • Eligible for funding
  • Autonomy for your teams
  • No code, delay or IT requirements
  • Quick to deploy or prototype
  • No more projects that drag on and on
  • Access to usage data
  • Eligible for funding
  • Autonomy for your teams
  • No code, delay or IT requirements
  • Quick to deploy or prototype
  • No more projects that drag on and on
  • Access to usage data
  • Eligible for funding

Finally a versatile and affordable interactive web application creator!

For all your needs of diffusion or cultural mediation: interactive courses, audioguides, quizzes, games... If you can imagine it, you can do it!

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The perfect solution to develop captivating experiences for your cultural or tourism organization

A 100% web tool with no friction points: a user-friendly platform for creators, and content accessible via all smartphones!

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Creating physical digital experiences for everyone

Adapt your exhibitions according to the clientele

Quickly and easily create scenarios adapted to the different audiences of your venue or attraction: age, interest, level of knowledge of the works, theme, etc. You can reach different types of visitors with different media. Enrich your exhibits with an audio guide or explanatory videos. The narration can be done by a curator, a mediator, a guide...

Multiply the visits by varying the available contents

Turn a static exhibit into a dynamic experience. Offer different variations on the same theme. Regular visitors will be happy to come back often to your premises to discover an artist and their work from another perspective.

Distribution of content without contact or equipment

Your visitors or customers can experience your digital journeys or the content you make available to them with their own mobile devices: phones, tablets, laptops. All they need is a web browser and they are ready to go! The user does not touch anything, they only needs their mobile device to access the content immediately when they arrive at a point of interest.

An economical, safe and management-free technology

Say goodbye to technology installations that are costly to produce and maintain at your tourist, historical, heritage or cultural site. MySmartJourney works both indoors and outdoors. Create safe experiences for your employees and visitors. No more routine cleaning after use and no more maintenance of expensive electronic equipment.

Easy and quick to implement

The access points are available in various formats in the form of posters. They can be set up independently. Implementation on your site is fast.

The enriched posters can also be easily moved (and their content modified to fit the new context).

Real-time content updates

Any modification, correction or improvement appears immediately on the visitor's cell phone thanks to our digital path creator. It only takes a few minutes to enrich your scenarios, adjust information and introduce new content to your visitors.

No programming knowledge required

Ease of creation is a key feature of our content management system that you will use to build your digital journeys. Build your scenario directly in the web application. Layout is easy, multimedia content is added intuitively (drag and drop) and game modules are simple to set up. No need for an intermediary between you and the visitor's experience.

Accompaniment available

While MySmartJourney's digital journey builder is easy to use, we are always available to guide and inspire you as you design your first scenarios. We offer warm and quick support.

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